Fashion Victims: The Gucci and Versace Murders

  • Stephen Gundle
  • Lucia Rinaldi
Part of the Italian and Italian American Studies book series (IIAS)


The rise of Italian designer ready-to-wear in the 1980s was accompanied by an extraordinary increase in interest in the fashion industry. In contrast to the past, when designers and models had with few exceptions been known mainly within specialist circles, the fashion protagonists of the last two decades of the twentieth century became household names, superstars of a sort, who were regularly featured in the press with the stars of cinema, rock music and sports. The image that the fashion world projected of itself at this time was a supremely glamorous one.1 Occasionally, some unpleasant event disturbed this fascinating façade. The death of a model due to an overdose or anorexia, the intrusion of a murder with a sexual motivation, the mysterious early death of a designer, tales of sexual exploitation, family feuds, professional rivalry, tax fraud and other similar events all briefly shook the dominant image. Such occurrences suggested that, behind the beauty and style, there was a sleazy dimension that was part of the permanently concealed structure of the fashion world.2


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  • Lucia Rinaldi

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