Jimmy Carter and the Politics of Faith

  • Jeff Walz
Part of the The Evolving American Presidency Series book series (EAP)


At the bicentennial of its Declaration of Independence in 1976, America was not in a mood for celebration.1 The country was still absorbing the withdrawal from Vietnam, the 1973 OPEC oil embargo, and Watergate and its aftermath. James Earl (Jimmy) Carter, Jr., was both the most unlikely and best suited candidate to establish a new political era in America: “He knew how to present himself as the embodiment of bedrock values, deep concerns, and honest aspirations of millions of his fellow citizens, and he knew, as his detractors did not, that his own quite genuine faith was an asset.”2 Douglas S. Marsh may have put it best in describing “the simple but profound faith of a complex man” whose religion had an indelible but perplexing impact on the presidency.3


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