Plummeting the Gothic Depths of the Soul: Nü Metal and its Beyond

  • Jan Jagodzinski


Perhaps no site/sight/cite is more telling of the post-Oedipal fall-out than the “therapeutic” way young men as Boyz1 have approached the libidinal excesses of their drives through the various forms of Metal music (Black, Death, Heavy, Speed, Thrash, Grind). Its nihilism and anarchism, as well as its biting satire and astute social criticism in its various Gothic forms can be characterized by a pop-psychologism: “bad on the outside, but good on the inside,” and “good on the outside, but bad on the inside.” David Draiman of Disturbed, for example, can be characterized as representing the first type. Bright, articulate, a college degree in the Arts (philosophy, political science), engaged in aspects of esoteric religions (neo-pagan, hedonism, Judaism), the band addresses pain, suffering, and death through lyrics that are filled with angst, rage, and redemption. His philosophy of “sickness” (album, The Sickness) is based on aspects of hedonism, individualism, and self-development that are said to be empowering. “The Sickness” refers to the addictions of the flesh. His songs like “Fear,” speaks to complacency and ignorance; “Down with Sickness” deals with empowerment by facing one’s own anxieties; “Stupefy” addresses prejudice, while “Violence Fetish” is a rage against the state. “Remember” is an indictment on the music industry, while “Awaken” states his disgust of “wallpaper music.” “Dehumanize,” “Bound,” and “Intoxication” are about his failed romantic relationships.


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