Gangsta Sadomasochism: Tails Yo’ Good, Heads Yo’ Bad

  • Jan Jagodzinski


Bravado black hypermasculinity—the raw libidinal insistence of the drive—is a way that symbolic castration is continually disavowed. Belonging to a gang establishes a counter authority that is based on loyalty and defending local territory, being a Home Boy and Fly Girl.1 On the whole, women as bitches, bizzos, and hos are an abjected irrational element which is feared. They are only to be “fucked.” 2 Live Crews’ notorious 1990 album, As Nasty as They Wanna Be, is one long, repetitive misogynist rant, complete with nursery rhymes (Dirty Nursery Rhymes). Jack and Jill, Goldie Locks, Little Jack Horner, Humpty Dumpty, Little Red Riding Hood are rewritten to becomes raw, sexually explicit acts of oral, anal, and straight sex. If fairy tales from the Middle Ages were rewritten by middle-class literati to introduce a new set of moral values for children, as Zipes (1983) first argued, here the cautionary tales of sexual exploitation of middle-class sensibilities have been twisted to ironical proportions.


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