Econometric Modelling of the Euro Using Two-Factor Continuous Time Dynamic Interest Rate Models

  • Khalid B. Nowman
  • Harry Thapar
Part of the Centre for the Study of Emerging Markets Series book series (CSEM)


The introduction of the Euro and the development of financial instruments based on Euro interest rates has become an important research area. There are now many bonds in the Eurozone area whose pricing depends on the specification of a model of interest rates. In this chapter we consider the modelling of Euro interest rates using well-known continuous time interest rate models. There exist many different models of the short-term interest rate, and the usual startingpoint is the single-factor model of Chan, Karolyi, Longstaff and Sanders (1992, CKLS hereafter), which included many special cases. Two of these special cases are the models of Vasicek (1977) and Cox, Ingersoll and Ross (1985, CIR hereafter), which are used in this chapter.


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  • Harry Thapar

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