The Baghdad Stock Exchange: A Dismal First Decade … A Growth Path Ahead?

  • Kadom J. A. Shubber
  • Talal A. Kadhim
Part of the Centre for the Study of Emerging Markets Series book series (CSEM)


The formal re-start of the Baghdad Stock Exchange in late June 2004 can be viewed as a stepping stone in the arduous process of socioeconomic reconstruction of this ancient land, whose people have suffered so painfully over the past three decades in particular. Owing to the enormous resources — both apparent and potential — which Iraq happens to possess, a healthy market for financial assets can greatly assist in enabling the country to stand on its feet, helping thereby in oiling the positive cycle of economic regeneration and general development of the country.


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  • Kadom J. A. Shubber
  • Talal A. Kadhim

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