Human Rights, Moral Articulacy and Democratic Dynamism: In Defence of Normative Philosophy

  • Mark Evans
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Today, the idea of human rights dominates the discourse on the morality of globalization. As boundaries erode and connexions multiply, it no longer seems naïvely utopian to hope that humanity may at last be embarked on the road to an international order in which basic human rights could in practice matter more than the cynicism of state-centric realpolitik and the avarice of multinationalized capitalism. If we still have a long way to go in this regard, the supreme relevance to us all of the human rights agenda nowadays seems starkly evident in the fact that those whose suffer violence, repression, degradation and destitution, no matter where they are, give voice to their plight in the common language of human rights which thereby resonates around the world.


Moral Belief Moral Commitment Military Intervention Democratic Politics Justificatory Theory 
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