Leaving the Home in Comparative Perspective: Negotiating Processes and Meanings

  • David H. J. Morgan
  • Jackie Patiniotis
  • Clare Holdsworth


There is now a considerable body of, largely quantitative, data available dealing with the process of leaving the parental home in a wide range of countries. Such data show a tendency for the process to be delayed or obscured through one or more returns to the parental home and that women tend to leave earlier than men (Corijn and Klijzing, 2000; Iacovou and Berthoud, 2001). We can also see important national and regional variations. Within Europe this broadly conforms to a North and South distinction; the tendency for Italian men in particular to remain in the parental home has now become almost proverbial.


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  • David H. J. Morgan
  • Jackie Patiniotis
  • Clare Holdsworth

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