A Literature Review of Alliance Research

  • Koen H. Heimeriks


Over the past decades, a vast amount of literature has evolved around the topic of alliances. Scholars have analysed this topic referring to different theoretical backgrounds thereby increasing our understanding of antecedents of alliance performance. Scholars from varying backgrounds, such as sociology, marketing, strategic management, operations management, economics and organization theory, have developed vast amounts of literature on this topic (Barringer and Harrison, 2000). Analysing early and more recent literature on alliances, a clear development over time can be identified. This chapter discusses the differences between early alliance research, which is mainly concerned with the role of inter-firm antecedents of alliance performance, and more recent alliance research that has been occupied with uncovering intra-firm antecedents. The remainder of this chapter will introduce and discuss the theories underlying this book as well as their contributions on the basis of which the theoretical framework of the study is constructed.


Organizational Learning Alliance Research Alliance Performance Alliance Management Alliance Portfolio 
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