• Andrew Hoskins
  • Ben O’Loughlin
Part of the New Security Challenges Series book series (NSECH)


This book presents research from a project conceived in 2003 to investigate the security environment in Britain in the aftermath of the Cold War, 9/11,1 and the Coalition intervention in Iraq in 2003. The emergence of an apparently new world of insecurities prompted a number of questions. How would governments and military policymakers try to manage security problems? How would media represent security problems? And how would audiences and publics perceive these security problems — as representations and as issues potentially impacting upon their lives? The project, Shifting Securities, ran from 2004 to 2006, a period in which security problems seemed to proliferate.2 Alongside relentless but low-lying anxieties about environmental threats and health hazards, terror threats, and unending wars, the period was also characterised by unforeseen catastrophes such as the 2004 Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and fairly regular terrorist incidents often connected to Al-Qaeda. We were living in conflicting times.


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