Introduction: Feminist Perspectives on Analysing and Transforming Global Governance

  • Shirin M. Rai
  • Georgina Waylen


This book brings feminist perspectives to bear on the analysis of global governance. It seeks not only to understand how global governance is gendered, but also to investigate the ways in which global governance can be transformed. The recent changes in global governance have preoccupied many scholars as well as activists and policymakers. Since Rosenau’s (1992, 1995) path-breaking work on this theme, a plethora of writing has been produced analysing different aspects of the problem of the globality of governance in contemporary world politics. A huge range of questions and issues as well as a variety of different methodologies and approaches can be accommodated under the broad umbrella term ‘global governance’. So much so that some commentators even question the utility of the term.


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  • Shirin M. Rai
  • Georgina Waylen

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