1959: Mac, Ike, and Mr. K.

  • E. Bruce Geelhoed
  • Anthony O. Edmonds


On 27 January 1959, Harold Macmillan wrote Dwight Eisenhower a rather petulant letter, complaining about a decision to award a turbine contract for an American dam project to an American rather than a British firm. What is most remarkable about this letter is the almost apocalyptic language the prime minister used to voice his displeasure: “What really worries me about this turbine contract is the injury that so small a thing can do to the cause that you and I have so much at heart of Anglo-American co-operation and understanding and the liberalism and interdependence with which your name will always be associated.”1 Such was the power of the Cold War paradigm in 1959 that it could turn what should have been a routine matter into a rhetorical ploy by Macmillan to try to wheedle a contract out of his good friend.2


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