Global Civil Society and International Protest: No Swan Song Yet for the State

  • Jeffrey M Ayres
Part of the International Political Economy Series book series (IPES)


The past decade has witnessed a notable shift towards more formalized, integrated and sustained international cooperation around social change goals. United Nations initiatives have contributed greatly to this trend: from the flowering of non-governmental organization (NGO) environmental activism around the Earth Summit in Rio, to efforts to strengthen shared understandings of international human rights, to the initiatives to eradicate globally the use of land mines. International actors have increasingly sought to carve out non-state political spaces to address common goals and strategize collectively (Lipschutz 1992; Wapner 1995; Lipschutz and Mayer 1996; Price 1998; Cameron 1999). These international collective efforts have encouraged observers to herald the rise of something resembling a global civil society.


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