Galbraith: a Partisan Appraisal

  • James K. Galbraith


Let me first read a message from my father:

To all attending: Age and medical restraint firmly prevent my attendance at this the greatest tribute to my writing and my political and economic history in all time. I am indeed sorry not to be with you on what I trust will be a glowing occasion, at least to the extent that Economics and its related subject matter permit.

It is my pleasure that my son James K. Galbraith will be with you and will deliver his own comment. It is my further pleasure that he has emerged as one of the more influential economists of his time. The University of Texas has long been a center of the engaging, alert, and dissident economic view. In my early academic years economic visitors from Europe had at first on their schedule the diverse interests of New York, then Harvard, and on to Austin, Texas and its different and distinguished center of economic discussion. Now a part of this community, it is my particular pleasure that the second J.K. Galbraith will be with you. Also, I hasten to add, a full delegation of economic colleagues and one-time students. Few economists have been accorded the pleasure and, indeed, the esteem of a gathering such as this. I greet and thank you, one and all.

John Kenneth Galbraith

Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics Emeritus, Harvard University


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