Commercialization and the Public Sector in India: Implications for Values and Aspirations

  • Rama V. Baru
Part of the Social Policy in a Development Context book series (SPDC)


This chapter explores the implication of commercialization of medical services for values and aspirations of doctors in public hospitals in India. Based on in-depth interviews with retired doctors from a premier public institution, it delineates the complex interaction between the growth of commercial medical services, the public sector and the changes in the Indian economy and society over the last four decades. The chapter examines the linkages between socio-economic development, its influence on organizational culture, and the effects on the values, norms and aspirations of doctors. Based on a review of available studies, it begins with an overview of the structure and characteristics of the mixed economy in medical care in India. This is the backdrop within which an exploration is conducted of the extent and nature of shifts in the values and aspirations of doctors in public hospitals.


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