Improving Road Administration in the Asia-Pacific Region: Some Lessons from Experience

  • Clay Wescott


Asia-Pacific countries are increasingly working to improve the management of their social and economic resources for development. Although the ADB (1995, pp. 1–7) recognizes a diversity of political systems and institutional cultures in the region, the ADB defines four aspects of sound governance relevant for all countries:
  1. 1.

    accountability (officials answerable to the entity from which they derive their authority, that work has been conducted according to agreed rules and standards, and reported fairly and accurately);

  2. 2.

    participation (allowing public employees a role in decision making; empowering citizens, and especially the poor, by promoting their rights to access and secure control over basic entitlements that allow them to earn a living);

  3. 3.

    predictability (fair and consistent application of laws, regulations and policies); and

  4. 4.

    transparency (low cost, understandable, and relevant information made available to citizens to promote effective accountability, and clarity about laws, regulations and policies).



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