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In this chapter, the results are interpreted in light of their implications for research on the topic of attention, as well as for theories of global mindsets in MNEs. Much of the argument is designed to extend this research’s results to broader issues of multinational management, and thus, it is quite prescriptive in nature. As such, the discussion provided in this chapter may be of interest to both academic researchers and practitioners. The chapter is divided into four sections. The first section provides a brief summary interpretation of the research findings in light of past and existing research dealing with the topic of global mindsets. From this discussion, three themes emerged that are the subject of further discussion: (1) the MNE as a matrix of inter-connected minds, (2) global mindsets and the concept of geographic competency, and (3) the viability of a number of alternate globalization strategies for MNEs. These themes will be addressed in the second, third, and fourth sections of the chapter.


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