Offshore Business Process Outsourcing: Strategies to Minimise Failure

  • Jonathan Chevallier
  • Hilary Robertson


The huge prizes that can be gained from outsourcing business processes to low-cost offshore locations such as India have been well-publicised. However, getting to the prize is far from simple and can all too often seem like navigating around an iceberg: you can only see part of the problem; the rest of the hazards lie hidden. And to complicate the picture further, the risks are constantly moving and vary from one outsource to the next. To put it prosaically, there isn’t a convenient A to Z to help anticipate the challenges of offshore business process outsourcing (BPO). Different companies will require different solutions, shaped by a variety of factors including the firm’s strategic objectives, the processes it intends to outsource and its risk threshold. This chapter highlights some major but often hidden hazards and issues that need to be addressed when formulating and executing a strategy to realise the undoubted commercial advantages of offshore BPO.


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  • Hilary Robertson

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