The Politics of Offshoring: Trends, Risks and Strategies

  • Paul Morrison


The most striking result of the rapid growth of offshoring has been the noisy public controversy it has generated in the UK and US. For many executives, this is a source of exasperation as the ‘offshore backlash’ appears to them to have been driven by the wrong-headed whingeing of the economically illiterate. In my discussions with businesses considering offshore, I often detect a sense that a business should just ‘get on’ with doing business and let the concerns of the media, politicians and society evaporate as they get used to the idea of offshoring. Many of the fears about offshoring are indeed exaggerated, even sensationalised. But, a business would be well advised to take the offshore debate seriously.


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  1. 16.
    But the economic impact of sourcing work overseas to India is no stranger to controversy. As long ago as the late seventeenth century, English commentators lambasted merchants for sending increasing quantities of cloth to the subcontinent to be finished, for fear of undermining England’s industrial base. See David Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations (Abacus, London), 1998, p. 228.Google Scholar

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