Globalisation, History and the State

  • Paul Wetherly


What connection is there between globalisation and the central concerns of this book? It is certainly true that the globalisation debate looms large in much recent state theory, and it is certainly of prime interest to Marxists. On these accounts it seems to merit some consideration here. The central ‘problem’ analysed in state theory is the disjuncture between the stretching of social interaction that is the hallmark of globalisation and the territorial confinement of the nation-state. Or, between political power and other forms of social power. Thus far we have not considered the nation-state explicitly and the argument has largely been conducted in abstraction from the spatial dimension. This is because our focus has been on the state in the theory of history, as an aspect of the superstructure, and we have followed Cohen’s highly abstract exposition of the theory. In considering the nature and implications of globalisation we can integrate a spatial dimension into the theory of history. This is particularly appropriate for an analysis of the capitalist state, given the close connection between capitalism and globalisation.


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