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European integration in asylum policies is not commonly characterized as having been very effective to date. Indeed, negotiations at the EU level have often led to (non-binding) lowest common denominator agreements between member states, which do not advance the aims of either effective policy-making or refugee protection. At the same time, however, it is not uncommonly heard said that the EU is instrumental in legitimizing a restrictive curb of traditionally generous policies in member states. So what, if at all, is the mechanism linking European with domestic asylum politics if there are any common trends in the European Union? And can we see any impact of European asylum co-operation on Dutch asylum policy? This chapter presents a first cut at the evidence from Dutch parliamentary debates and studies the case of asylum, in order to see how the territorial admission of aliens may change (or not) in light of European integration. As such, it provides a first empirical insight into the question of changes in national citizenship by looking at the inclusion of non-citizens in the national polity.


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