The Royal Humane Society: The Method

  • John Anthony Tercier
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Though the ‘birth’ of CPR is usually dated at 1960 and is looked on as being a product of late twentieth-century medicine, its constituent techniques and the concept of the resuscitative protocol have earlier origins. In the latter half of the eighteenth century, in both Europe and America, a number of philanthropic societies were founded ‘for Affording Relief to Persons Apparently Dead from Drowning’ (Hawes, 1774, p. 1). The first of these appeared in Amsterdam in 1767. Institutions with similar goals sprang up in Milan and Venice in 1768, Hamburg 1769, Paris 1771, St. Petersburg, London and Norwich 1774, Cork 1775, Liverpool 1775, Philadelphia 1780 and Boston 1786. The list continues until, by 1800, there were over 30 such societies in Great Britain, with the London Society being in correspondence with an equal number overseas.


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