Sensory experiences

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A great example of how a Natural organization use senses to create a great Customer Experience. The stimulation of the senses is planned and thought through. Maybe the customer does not consciously understand what is happening but subconsciously it has a dramatic effect. For instance:

When my Personal Assistant, Joanna Kelly, started with Beyond Philosophy™ I wanted to explain to her what we did. During this explanation, I showed her a brochure from an organization we were doing some work with. I asked her a simple question, “Do you think this is a quality organization?” Despite the fact that she looked at me as if I was mad, Jo picked up the brochure and looked at it. As she did so, I saw her subconsciously rub the pages of the brochure between her thumb and index finger. Although she didn’t consciously know she was doing it, she was subconsciously “feeling” the quality of the brochure by using the power of “touch.” Jo believed it was a quality organization and proceeded to explain to me why she thought this was the case.


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