Failing the Presidential Challenge

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The presidential elections of 1988 created a new situation for the communist movement in France. In addition to his traditional right-wing opponents, André Lajoinie, the candidate of the Parti communiste français, had to face a former high-ranking member of the PCF hierarchy, Pierre Juquin, who had decided to present himself as a presidential candidate on behalf of the Communist rénovateurs, those who had decided to break with the PCF in pursuit of what they advocated as a reconstructed form of communism. In the event, Juquin obtained only a modest 2.1 per cent share of the votes cast in the first round on 24 April 1988. His challenge, nevertheless, had been taken very seriously by the PCF leadership during the period of campaigning before the first ballot, and his decision to stand as a candidate reflected serious strands of discontent at grassroots level in the PCF.


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