Women Police Constables

  • Megan O’Neill


This chapter will examine the role of female police officers (known as women police constables, or WPCs) at football. As they were a very small proportion of the police officers present at the matches my analysis of their interaction with supporters will not be as detailed as that in previous chapters. However they are still important to consider, and to consider separately from other officers, as their interactions were different from their male colleagues and because they represent a unique development of Goffman’s (1959) ‘team’ concept. This will be developed later. I will begin this chapter with a look at some previous discussions of WPCs and will then move on to my own analysis of their work at football. This chapter will conclude by returning to the idea of the ‘underlying police community’, which was introduced in Chapter 5, as the experiences of WPCs show well how this concept works by giving the illusion of a united police service which does not actually exist.


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