The Home Army in 1915

  • K. W. Mitchinson
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The division of the Territorial Force into home and foreign service volunteers in August 1914 had caused considerable disruption to a body which, given traditional War Office inclination towards auxiliaries, realized that it was to be a Cinderella force.1 With their local contracts and existing mobilization stores the county associations had, with some notable exceptions, generally managed to clothe and equip the First Line units; equipping the Second and Third Lines presented what were at the time almost unsurmountable problems. Given the Secretary of State’s decision to create a foreign service army at the expense of the Territorial Force, Government priority naturally went to the New Army. The Second and Third Line Territorials were not, however, alone in having to overcome equipment difficulties. Until Britain converted her industrial capacity to war production in 1916, the New Army itself faced unprecedented difficulties.2


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