Regulatory Overlaps and their Impact

  • Ross K. McGill
  • Terence A. Sheppey
Part of the Finance and Capital Markets Series book series (FCMS)


The previous chapters have now given the reader a basic understanding of a number of different regulatory frameworks that affect the global financial services community and global investors. With this basic framework in place, we can now spend some time reviewing how some of these regulatory frameworks impact each other. Typically these impacts include one of more of the following factors:
  • Nominal impact—some cost savings for intermediaries from compliance to multiple regulations with single procedures.

  • Significant impact—difficulties for investor/intermediary relationships, added cost, risk and liability for intermediaries, financial loss and/or loss of confidentiality in transactions for investors.

  • Major impact—exiting business sector or geographical sector for intermediaries with consequent loss to reputation, fiscal growth, and increase in competitive threat; scandal at senior levels in investor community, loss of reputation, and ultimate failure of investors.


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