Disease of the Learned

  • Gavin Kennedy


Smith went to Glasgow College, or University, in 1737, aged 14, as was the norm in those days for bright male students, and he studied moral philosophy for three years under the ‘never to be forgotten’ Professor Francis Hutcheson, an Ulster Protestant of liberal rather than rigid theological views. Having just turned 17 he won a Snell Exhibition to Balliol College, Oxford in 1740 and took up his place in August, leaving Glasgow University without graduating. Snell Exhibitions, worth £40 a year for up to nine years, were keenly contested at Glasgow and Smith received the support of Professor Hutcheson for his coveted place. Snell students solemnly promised to be ordained into the Church of England and take an appointment in the Episcopalian Church in Scotland.


Depression Smoke Lost Dyspepsia Scurvy 


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