“Everyone has inhibitions”

  • Arthur Gogatz
  • Reuben Mondejar


On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being no embarrassment at all, and 10 dying of embarrassment, rate how you’d feel in the following instances:
  • Suppose you slipped and fell in a crowded public place, spilling a bag of groceries

  • Suppose you were a guest at an elegant dinner, and the person seated next to you spilled his plate into his lap while eating

  • Suppose you were the one who spilled the plate

  • Suppose you discovered you were the only person at a particular social occasion who was dressed casually while everyone else was dressed formally

  • Suppose you entered an apparently empty office, turned on the lights and surprised two colleagues who were making love

  • Suppose it was you who was making love, when a colleague of the same sex entered

  • Suppose it was you who was making love, when a colleague of the opposite sex entered

  • Suppose your mother had come to visit you when you were in the university and accompanied you to all your classes for a week

  • Suppose you were completely naked in the bathroom and the best friend of your husband or wife were to walk in

  • Suppose a friend of yours confessed that they were in love with you, but you didn’t have the same feelings.


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