The Shopping Centre as an Object of Desire: Attraction and Distance In Shopping Centre Choice

  • Charles Dennis


Chapters 3 and 4 above addressed the question of ‘Why people shop where they do?’ by considering the attributes and ‘personality’ of shopping centres. This chapter seeks to explore the effects of ‘deterrence’ or ‘distance’ in addition to ‘attraction’ in individual consumers’ choices of shopping centres. Most of the shopping population of the UK will have more than one shopping centre within easy reach offering similar facilities. So how do people decide which to use? Is travel distance/time the main criterion? For some people and centres, the effects of travel time/distance appear to be dramatically different. In effect, the shape of the distance/demand curve can vary considerably. The finding may go some way towards explaining what is understood to be a noted lack of success of (some?) existing models in predicting shopping centre patronage.


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