That Abiding Phantom Cold: Maud

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Tennyson’s Maud. A Monodrama was originally titled Maud or the Madness (Tennyson, Hallam 1897:I.402; Shatto 1986: 22). It seems that Tennyson was still toying with the idea of this title even after its first, 1855, publication simply as Maud, since ‘or the Madness’ is added in his hand on the title page of a copy of the first edition now in the University of Virginia Library (Ricks and Day 1987–93: XXX.298). The addition of ‘A Monodrama’ to the title was made in an 1875 edition of Tennyson’s Works. Both Tennyson’s subtitle and his original title are relevant to a reading of Maud; the first in respect of the poem’s form and the second in respect of its subject.


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