Domination in a Lifeworld of Complexity

  • Erika Cudworth


We are at a point where the undermining of the metanarratives of contemporary social theory and the erosion of disciplinary boundaries facilitates, Niklas Luhmann suggests, the development of a new theoretical paradigm. That paradigm is complexity. This is beyond a theory, and has been described as “supertheory,” yet a complexity understanding of the lifeworld does not imply some kind of right to “truth” but is a position of contingent truth, which is inclusive of the “reality” it describes. Complexity theory is “big” theory but whilst contemporary physics stretches itself toward a theory of “everything,” which would explain the entire physical universe, including its own possibility and existence, a theory of social domination seems rather modest in comparison. Some will consider what follows to be “grand,” not least in its attempt to capture the intermingling of nature, gender and other mutiplicitous differences-in-domination.


Sexual Harassment Gender Relation Domestic Labor Animal Abuse Public Mode 
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