Ecofeminism and the Question of Difference

  • Erika Cudworth


Ecofeminists draw upon deep ecological theory to the extent that they conceptualize human relations with “nature” as a form of domination. They also provide a version of social ecology in which the domination of nature is interrelated to intra-human social hierarchy and difference based on gender, race and class amongst other formations. Ecofeminism can be seen as a paradigm for the tracing of interrelations between different formations of domination based on difference. This chapter outlines key strands and themes within ecofeminist thought, and argues for a different framework for ecofeminist theory based on an understanding of complex systems. I suggest that ecofeminism needs to engage more fully with debates on the efficacy of patriarchy, and to be rather more generous toward deep and some socialist ecologies with respect to their analyses of capitalism and anthropocentrism as systemic relations of domination.


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