Themes and Issues in the ‘New Policy Agenda’

  • Gordon Crawford
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The linkage of development aid to the promotion of human rights, democracy and good governance in recipient countries stimulated a range of responses from numerous analysts and commentators during the first half of the 1990s. Dubbed the ‘new policy agenda’ (M. Robinson 1994), a variety of issues and questions were raised in the literature. In this chapter, the following themes are identified, with differing perspectives are then explored: the origins of the policy; problems of policy (in)coherence and the lack of conceptual clarity; normative issues concerning policy legitimacy; instrumental questions of policy implementation and likely impact. These are examined, in turn, through a survey of the relevant literature. While there exists a more extensive literature on international aspects of democratisation, this book will confine itself to a review of the narrower set of literature on political conditionality and the promotion of democratisation through development aid.3 One intention of this chapter is to raise research questions that are addressed in the course of the book. Such questions are outlined at the end of each section.


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