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  • Moorad Choudhry
  • Didier Joannas
  • Richard Pereira
  • Rod Pienaar
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This chapter describes the RATE application software that is included as part of this book. RATE is designed to demonstrate a selection of interest rate products and market concepts. It has components for modelling the zero curve using either bond yields or a combination of cash money market and derivative interest rate products, which we have called the ‘standard’ yield curve. RATE also contains interest-rate swap and cap valuation tools. The application is reasonably simple to operate and is assembled with a help file. A reader familiar with Windows™-style applications and with interest rate markets will be able to use RATE without any difficulty. However, we recommend that the reader continues with this chapter before using RATE. This chapter not only helps the reader to install and use RATE but also explains the methods and assumptions that are applied by the application.


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