Gratifying Situations: The Resolution and the Acquisition of Know-How

  • Christian Bourion


It’s not that the situation to be resolved is easy, on the contrary, it could be extremely difficult. The feeling of gratification comes from a positive attitude vis-à-vis the situation to be resolved: a desire to do something, and an absence of fear to the extent that the actor has the feeling of being able to dominate the situation, even if the situation appears threatening. Thus, even a difficult, or threatening, situation can be highly gratifying. Using all his know-how and expertise, and using a process called “capillarity”, he approaches these situations without difficulty and with pleasure. If the process of resolution is not optimum, it becomes so, little by little, and the procedure is backed up by the feeling of having been useful in the case of success. In the case of failure, it is supported by the feeling of having learned something new.


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