Technology-based Strategic Acquisition and Integration Management

  • Valerie Bannert-Thurner


The previous chapter on the new understanding of technology-based value creation in corporate acquisitions outlined the criteria which are required to achieve successful resource deployment and innovativeness from acquisitions. However, practical concepts for applying the criteria identified in the course of the strategic acquisition and integration management are still missing. Thus this chapter aims to close this gap and introduces a theory for technology-based strategic acquisition and integration management, thus answering the second research question guiding this book. This technologybased strategic acquisition and integration management theory aims to provide managers with concepts that support their decision-making in corporate acquisitions in innovation-driven industries. The concepts help to integrate the identified criteria required for successful technology-based value creation into acquisition and integration management. Thus they support the development of growth options which provide long-term value creation potential, the selection of potential targets which offer a joint technology-based value creation potential and the development of a technology-aware acquisition and integration strategy.


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