Model of Reality: A New Understanding of Technology-based Value Creation in Corporate Acquisitions

  • Valerie Bannert-Thurner


Within the last chapter, five different real-life cases of acquisitions where technology-based value creation played a key role were analysed. Within this present chapter, these cases will be compared in a cross-case comparison and a new and holistic understanding of aspects relevant to achieve technologybased value creation will be derived. As the number of cases is limited and the variables compared are quite broadly defined, the derived conclusions and understanding are not quantitatively, empirically profound but they represent a good overview of the interrelations and impact of the different variables and thus contribute to a holistic understanding of corporate reality. This is in line with the pursued exploratory research approach (see Chapter 1.4). In addition the findings are complemented by research results from state-of-the-art theory. With the derived model of understanding, the first research question: ‘Which aspects in corporate acquisitions in innovationdriven industries determine the successful realization of technology-based value creation?’ will be answered. Based on this improved understanding the concept for a technology-based strategic acquisition and integration management will be developed in the subsequent chapter.


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