Technology, innovation and their management

  • Valerie Bannert-Thurner


The first chapter outlined that technology-based value creation has gained increasing importance in corporate acquisitions and needs to be mastered in order to achieve sustained competitive advantage in innovation-driven industries. Furthermore, evidence was provided that technology-based value creation in corporate acquisitions is currently inadequately mastered and an innovation dilemma prevails. Thus the two research questions, relating to improving the understanding of technology-based value creation in corporate acquisitions and to developing applicable concepts for strategic acquisition and integration management, were posed. In the next steps, background information on technology and innovation management is provided. This chapter aims to introduce the reader to an understanding of technologybased value creation and to management concepts for mastering it. Thus in an initial step, the underlying definitions related to technology-based value creation and the factors it depends on are outlined. Secondly, the fields of technology and innovation management are discussed. These fields provide management concepts to master resource deployment and innovation in companies. The provided overview is required to understand what technologybased value creation in corporate acquisitions depends on. Furthermore, technology and innovation management concepts will be integrated into the technology-based strategic acquisition and integration management concepts.


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