It might seem odd to begin a chapter on faith both communal and religious by immediately returning to the subject of pure logic, but it provides a convenient point of entrance to the argument. We have seen that it is essential for speakers to project a hypothetically perfect agreement on the rules of language, both semantic and syntactical, in order for a sufficient overlap of their differing references and understandings to be obtained so that the hopeful updating of hearer by speaker can go through. Unless we had this partial overlap, paradoxically achieved by the assumption, the ‘taking-for-granted’, of a complete one, no such updating could be performed. Recall that the updating can be qualitative or quantitative (for no guarantee of singularity is given by the process). When the correction has been taken up by the hearer, then the two in dialogue resume the supposed identity of their differing identification of the portion of the Real concerned. That word ‘concerned’, usually ignored as to its further implications, is a reminder that no knowledge is gained or transferred without the impulse of motivation to set it on its way.


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