So many philosophers have thought it best to begin with Logic: it is much better to begin with the Joke. This is from the opening of Leigh Hunt’s essay ‘Wit Made Easy or a Hint to Word-Catchers’:
  • A: … Well, B., my dear boy, I hope I see you well.

  • B: I hope you do, My dear A., otherwise you have lost your eyesight.

  • A: Good. Well, how do you do?

  • B: How? Why, as other people do. You would not have me eccentric, would you?

  • A: Nonsense. I mean, how do you find yourself?

  • B: Find myself? Where’s the necessity of finding myself? I have not been lost. A: Incorrigible dog! come now; be serious.

  • B: [comes closer to A., and looks very serious].

  • A: Well, what now?

  • B: I am come, to be serious.

  • (Leigh Hunt, 1929: 317–18)


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