Rulers of Scotland

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Apparently there were two distinct provinces, Moray and the Fortrenn area being the centres of these territories. Some form of continuity from the tribal kingships of the Caledonians, led by Calgacus, who fought Agricola in the 80s, and the Maetae, who fought Septimius Severus around the Tay valley in 209—11, is possible. It is also suggested that the unusual method of inheritance of the Pictish kingship — going through the female rather than the direct male line — reflects a system of alternate kings coming from the two different provinces. It seems that any descendant of a former ruler was contender for the kingship, this including the sons of Pictish princesses who had married foreign rulers — hence the rule of Bridei/Brude mc ‘Maelchon’, apparently the son of Maelgwyn of Gwynedd in the C6th and of Talorcan mc Eanfrith of Bernicia in the C7th.


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