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In his best-selling work On Television and Journalism, Pierre Bourdieu outlines the limitations and conventions of newsgathering by concentrating his discussion on the routines and practices of reporting in relation to what he calls the ‘journalistic field’. For Bourdieu, the journalistic field is a space of cultural production which is created and sustained by the constraints; priorities and occupational routines of journalistic practice, and it is this space which ‘produces and imposes on the public a very particular vision of the political field, a vision that is grounded in the very structure of the journalistic field and in journalists’ specific interests produced in and by that field’ (Bourdieu 1998: 2). The proposition that journalism is constructed through and within a ‘field’, offers a framework by which to interrogate reporting as a specific form of practice, which relies on organizational procedures and considerations that impact on the development and flow of public information and communication. As an assessment of news culture, Bourdieu’s work is highly critical, yet offers us an interesting starting point from which to think about the methods of news production and some of the social and political consequences which news can have. It also offers us a reference point by which to develop a broader discussion of news culture and the practice of journalism generally.


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