Promoting New Discourses of the Other


So far, in the practical part of discourse studies, I have been re-describing past and present discourses — deconstructing the Western discourse of contradictions (Chapter 4), highlighting marginalized non-Western Other’s discourses (Chapter 5) and reconstituting historical discourses of ‘troubled’ communities (Chapter 6). Now, in this final chapter, I want to take a step further as part of the CAD project and engage in a more proactive mode of discourse research by advocating future discourses. Specifically, I shall illustrate this new kind of discourse research by trying to formulate and justify some new and alternative discourses of cultural others in favour of cultural solidarity and prosperity. Thus, the present undertaking harks back to the ‘transformative’ strategies of discourse research I alluded to in the Introduction and outlined in Chapters 2 and 3, respectively.


Moral Rationality Cultural Solidarity Practical Study Intercultural Communication Cultural Plurality 
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