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Ricardo Semler’s Philosophical Experience

  • Steven Segal


Mort Meyerson is not alone. Ricardo Semler CEO of Semco, a Brazilian company, underwent what I shall call a “sustainability crisis”; a crisis in which his habitual style of organisational management undermined his ability to manage his organisation. Thus his style of management prevented him from sustaining his practice of management. It was self undermining. Through the way in which he responded to the sustainability crisis, he was able to transform his practice of leadership and organisational management from an autocratic and top down approach to what he sees as a democratic style of management. This transformation enabled him not only to sustain his practices as a manager but it breathed new life and possibilities into his organisation, making it a model organisation which a number of companies have wanted to emulate. He turned a self-destructive style of management into a creative and dynamic organisation – one which increased the “bottom line” of the organisation.


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