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Turning Intuitions Into Visions

  • Steven Segal


Jack Welch’s philosophy did not come with any scientific guarantees. It was not first developed in a laboratory and then applied in the world of practice. Indeed it was never developed in advance as a blue print which was then implemented in practice. As he undertook the transformation of GE, Welch had nothing more than an intuitive understanding of – a feeling for – what he wanted GE to look like. His appreciation for GE would become clearer only as GE was itself transformed. The language through which he would come to understand GE developed only as he committed himself to transforming GE. For example, we have already heard him say: “I did know what I wanted the company to “feel” like. I wasn’t calling it culture in those days, but that’s what it was.” (Welch, 2001, p. 92)


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