The Spirit of the Enterprise

  • Karl Rogers


In this chapter I shall describe how experimental physics is an inherently realist enterprise to discover the “natural mechanisms” and “natural laws” that are presupposed to pre-exist the attempt to discover them. To this end, I shall describe in detail the operational metaphysics of mechanical realism that makes experimental physics conceptually possible as a means to obtain knowledge about the structures, mechanisms, laws, and content of Nature. This metaphysics provides a unifying conception of “the physical” that underwrites the foundational principles and assumptions justifying the whole epistemological enterprise of experimental physics as a natural science. It is premised upon the following set of operational precepts that provide principles of action and function as a technical guide for the conceptual establishment of a methodology to explore Nature:
  1. (i)

    Natural and technological phenomena both share a unitary origin;

  2. (ii)

    Both natural processes and machine performances come into being by the same causal principles;

  3. (iii)

    There is a unique, eternal, and universal cause for every effect (or set of effects);

  4. (iv)

    The connections between causes and effects are the fundamental mechanisms of Nature;

  5. (v)

    The realization of any mechanism is governed by a Natural Law and, consequently, the performance of any machine is governed by Natural Law;

  6. (vi)

    The mathematical descriptions of the motions of mechanical devices, and machines, are mathematical descriptions of Natural Law; and,

  7. (vii)

    The only distinction between natural phenomena and machine performances is that the latter require human intervention to come into being whilst the former do not.



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