The US, the UK and the UN: The Special Relationship Policing the World

  • John Redwood


After the Second World War, the victorious powers decided there had to be a new attempt to impose some world order on the warring nations around the globe. In the immediate aftermath of the First World War in 1918 there were high hopes that the League of Nations would provide the answer. The League soon broke down, unable to tackle the aggressive intents of the new fascist and communist tyrannies which emerged in that fateful generation. There was less enthusiasm and more realism amongst the victor powers in 1945. Nonetheless, the Charter of the United Nations set out with high resolve to establish a framework of international law. It aimed at a new world order based upon the principles that had formed the substance of the Atlantic Declaration uniting Britain and the US at the height of the struggle. The Atlantic Declaration was the best statement of war aims produced during the conflict.


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