Britain and Britishness at the Crossroads

  • John Redwood


For the United Kingdom there are two great different visions on offer. Some want a protectionist, highly governed Europe which looks after those in work but is no good at getting the unemployed back to work. They want higher taxes because they believe governments spend your money better than you do. They want more rules and regulations because they are suspicious of individual effort and the machinations of free enterprise companies. They want to shut out people, ideas and capital from other continents because they think it makes it easier to control what is going on. It is a watered down version of socialist planning which failed in the 1960s and 1970s. It has been recycled in a European and ‘caring’ guise. Instead of the government owning everything, it seeks to run it by proxy through more laws and more taxes.


Welding Europe Income Brittle Assure 


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