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When I wrote Stars and Strife in the year 2001 I wrote:

This book has demonstrated that the mighty project to create a United States of Europe is proceeding apace, but is unlikely to make the world a safer or better place. Instead, it is likely to lead to a trial of strength between two cultural and governing systems: the US democratic free trade one, and the Europe bureaucratic and regulated one. The 1950s and 1960s were dominated by a conflict between the communist and capitalist models, which was finally won without a shot being fired in anger between the two main protagonists, the US and the USSR, when the Western model proved so much more capable of delivering economic success. The next 20 years are likely to be dominated by a contest between the Europeans who think that governments can make societies better, and the North Americans who think free enterprise makes a bigger contribution to health and riches.

The beginnings of the conflict are there for all to see, in the escalating trade disputes and the outlines of a row over independent European forces and foreign policy. US policy-makers will have to pull back from their enthusiasm for this emerging super-state and take stock of their position. They will find that what they may gain in a simpler command structure in Europe as one government displaces many, they will lose in terms of influence and friendship as that government sets out to rival the US. (pp. 182–3)


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